Thank the liberals for saving Mother Earth


It’s an Obama miracle!  Liberals believe in The Anointed One and a litany of Democrat narratives that are proven frauds.  To justify their beliefs, liberals do “psychological studies” to validate themselves.  Their psychology is as valid as their man-made global warming science.

The One has slowed the rise of the oceans and healed the planet.  There is more arctic ice than there has been in years.  Rather than melting forever due to global warming, Obama has broken the Earth’s fever and saved the planet and all humanity single-handed!

Hail, Obama!

But woe!  The Obama miracle may have been too much!  For now scientists are saying there will be a great cooling like a little Ice Age because the Sun will “go to sleep.”  Pray!  Pray to the Mighty Barack that he heal the sun and save us all again.

Keep sending him your money.  Keep endorsing his crushing fossil fuels with higher taxes and choking regulations.  Pray that Barack Hussein Obama saves humanity!

And you can buy Obama approved meteorite insurance from yours truly for just $99.95!

To the horror of global warming alarmists, global cooling is here

Liberalism is all about belief in frauds

Liberals believe that Republicans want to take away women’s birth control, that “Hands up, don’t shoot” actually happened, and that Hillary Clinton is honest.  Most of all, despite all the scientific and psychological proof, they believe that CO2 is causing Mother Earth to have a “fever.”  Modern liberalism is founded on beliefs in things that do not exist proving the statements of Reagan and Churchill;

“The trouble with our liberal friends is not that they’re ignorant; it’s just that they know so much that isn’t so.” – Ronald Reagan

“If you are over thirty and a liberal, you have no brain.” – Winston Churchill

The hole in the ozone

Remember the hole in the ozone and how Freon was blamed?  In the 1980s, scientists launched weather balloons in the Antarctic for the first time and discovered that there was a hole in the ozone layer.  The Freon Corporation was put out of business and today the hole is smaller.  Thank the liberals!

Yet their product, the best refrigerant on the market, is still in use today.  So much so that Democrats are making laws to force higher prices on consumers to stop using it and use the inferior product from the company they endorse.  Now they are saying we must stop using air conditioning all together so we stop using so much electricity that requires coal plants.

Al Gore’s global warming science

Remember Al Gore, the man used to be the next president?  He has made over a quarter billion dollars peddling his movie about how man’s CO2 pollution is going to destroy the Earth by heating the atmosphere through a greenhouse effect.  His solution is “Carbon Credits” wherein people buy credits to plant trees, etc.

Al uses them himself because of his own, very large “carbon footprint.”  Except that he owns the company that sell carbon credits, so he is actually giving his tax exempted donations to himself.  Pretty cool way to keep your money and your taxes while producing all the “destructive” CO2 you want, eh?

China’s industrial evolution

Remember when “Made in China” was a joke?  Or hearing about how corporations are moving overseas for cheap labor?  America’s industries are now mostly in China where they are producing massive industrial pollution.

They moved there because government taxes became so oppressive that they couldn’t function and grow in the USA.  China is now producing more CO2 pollution than the U.S. and Europe did combined in the heyday of industry.  Yet when it comes to reducing world CO2 output, Obama just made a deal whereby the U.S. will continue to reduce its energy output while China can increase theirs without restraint until 2030.

If reducing worldwide CO2 is important, why make such a deal?  The answer is that reducing America’s power supply is what is more important to leftist socialists.  If capitalist America can be weakened, then socialist China can gain strength.

Why is China building aircraft carriers, tanks, and fighter planes in droves?  If they went to war with the U.S. how would we gear up for war when all our industries are in China?  All it takes is someone in their government to decide they can have more wealth by taking it from the U.S. rather than selling to us.

America’s future

Liberal Democrats and moderate Republicans in Washington, D.C. are sucking the wealth out of the American economy.  They are engaging in cronyism on a national scale choosing what companies can prosper and which to choke down.  They are stirring up civil disorder and dividing the people against each other.

The only people who would stop it are conservatives who are being demonized in the media.  Christianity in America is being crushed in favor of socialist atheism and Islam.  But like the Communists and Nazis who started WWII together, they will eventually be at each other’s throats.

America is in decline and her future is bleak because Millennials are not learning from history, but being taught false history.  In all things, liberalism is the leading cause of dysfunctional thinking and beliefs in fabrications.  Millennials, confused by America’s decline, must be taught to recognize the frauds for which they are voting.

This must be done before they find themselves being converted from citizens of the greatest nation in the history of the world into subjects of another socialist tyranny.  Nothing good comes from leftist policies or ideology, which has been proven again and again throughout history.  And, if they succeed, you can thank the liberals for destroying everything good, including the world’s last best hope for freedom.

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  1. Lee says:

    Good site. Going into the favorites bar and to all my friends. (only have two)


  2. Matt says:

    More proof that God is real


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