More liberal backwards think from Democrat candidates

Former Maryland Governor Martin O'Malley is joined by his wife Katie O'Malley (R) as he announces his intention to seek the Democratic presidential nomination during a speech in Federal Hill Park in Baltimore, Maryland, United States, May 30, 2015.  O'Malley, 52, becomes the third candidate to officially bid for the Democratic nomination, joining Hillary Clinton and Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT).  REUTERS/Jim Bourg

Former Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley is joined by his wife Katie O’Malley (R) as he announces his intention to seek the Democratic presidential nomination during a speech in Federal Hill Park in Baltimore, Maryland, United States, May 30, 2015. O’Malley, 52, becomes the third candidate to officially bid for the Democratic nomination, joining Hillary Clinton and Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT). REUTERS/Jim Bourg

Former Democrat Governor of Maryland, Martin O’Malley, entered the presidential race for 2016 with a speech riddled with as much fluff, demagoguery, and high rhetoric making Obamaesque promises of giving the Sun, the Moon, and the stars to the poor and advancing the American economy.  His spiel fell on its face in the ears of the educated listener when he declared,

“The Middle Class isn’t a consequence of wealth, it’s the cause.”

This is the kind of galactic stupidity being presented by the entire Democrat Party as wisdom and echoed by the ignorant.  Statements like, “The economy doesn’t grow from the bottom up, but from the middle out,” and “You didn’t build that,” have become Democrat trademarks of their caricature of economic understanding.  Pandering politicians are finding dupes among the desperate young and poor who are not able to find jobs because of Democrat policies for the past eight years increasing taxes, choking regulations on energy and business, and granting masses of wealth to Wall Street in the name of “quantitative easing.”

The wealth that should be supporting the working man is going to the rich via Democrats borrowing $8 trillion against future taxes, and those same desperate fools who voted for them believe Democrats when they say it is all the fault of Republicans.  Socialism is the answer, they say, knowing full well that socialism is just the new name for tyranny over the masses whereby the ruling elites lord it over the peasants who believe they are getting a fair shake.  Americanism is the only ideology that has ever allowed the individual to prosper under government protection, whereas under all other forms of government anything they acquire or achieve can be taken away by those in power.

This is not a case of ‘which came first, the chicken or the egg’ as in ‘which came first, business or taxes?’  American capitalism is solely responsible for the creation of the Middle Class.  America’s success has always been a case of an economy in which people could actually grow from the bottom up.  Government didn’t start out providing businesses with educated workers and roads.  The education and roads were paid for by the taxes of businesses.

America improved because of free enterprise, and like all wealth it attracted the greedy to seek power in government.  If examined throughout American history the Democrat Party has been heavily involved in crime and corruption throughout.  Southern Democrats relied on slave labor.  Northern Democrats relied on desperate immigrant workers.  Those who succeeded as crime bosses got their children into politics and then cut special deals for themselves and their friends.

Unless conservatives can get the message out as successfully as President Ronald Reagan did in the 80s and Speaker Newt Gingrich did in the 90s, then Media propaganda will continue to twist American values and ideals into what Democrats want, which has caused the deterioration of the family and morality to the point of social collapse.  A hefty tax on business and the wealthy, plus an influx of illegal aliens, guarantee enough poor people who will vote away their rights for crumbs from the tables of power to seek assistance from the government.  Pandering by liberal Democrats, and those Republican moderates who wish to emulate them, control much of the largest voting blocks divided by race, gender, income, and a dozen other petty special interest groups each damning the other.

America has been more severely divided than at any time since the Civil War, and it was done by a man and a party who promised to unite the nation.  America was never more united than it was under Ronald Reagan, and never more divided than it is today under Barack Obama.  With Democrats enlisting foreigners to enter the nation and join their party in opposition to the citizens of this country in order to stuff the ballot box, America has its darkest days coming in the near future.

Dysfunctional Democrat economy Government retirement

Employment isn’t being kept down because jobs are leaving the country or because rich people are too greedy to pay employees.  They are being kept down because the politicians in Washington are too busy making a bigger pie for themselves taking more in taxes than ever.  Presidents and congressmen are millionaires when they take office, but vote themselves platinum benefits at taxpayer expense.  Washington, D.C. in the last eight years of being ruled by Democrats has become the richest region in the nation.  The only thing that grows from the middle out is the fat paunches of politicians feeding off the taxpayer.

Unemployment trends continue under Obama policies

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