Proving the liberal media are corrupt Democrat lapdogs

George Stephanopoulos

The Republican War on Women meme was begun by pundit George Stephanopoulos who has been completely exposed not only as a major Democrat donor, but as a Democrat operative in the mainstream media.

The man who began the war on women, George Stephanopoulos, ABC’s media pundit on a Sunday talk show, was revealed to be the lapdog Republicans have known him to be.  It was discovered that the man who shoved the Big Lie down Gov. Mitt Romney’s throat, claiming that Republicans wanted to take away women’s birth control (something no Republican has ever said), surreptitiously gave $75,000 to the Clinton Global Foundation, Bill and Hillary’s front for their Super PAC campaign funding.  Under the guise that he is a neutral mediator of the media, Stephanopoulos ripped into the man who exposed the Clinton’s “charity” as a money laundering clearing house for their campaign finances.

This kind of underhanded support for Democrats by media pundits who claim impartiality is par for the course for 90% of the media who endorse liberal Democrats and their crony capitalism.  They are the main reason Democrats have dominated the political meme of America for the last century, enabling them to escape censure for all but the most extreme incidents of corruption.  They are the principle shields of the Democrat Party against scandals that would expose the nefarious goings on of which they make certain the public is kept ignorant.

The Liberal media has done their best in aiding Democrats in the attempted email cover-ups.  One by IRS Commissioner Lois Lerner and her replacement Koskinen, claiming that emails were destroyed along with their computers (which everyone knows emails are kept on servers).  And the other by former Secretary of State Clinton’s destruction of a personal server she kept in her home to delete 30,000 emails.  Those emails would have linked her to the reduction of protection that led to the Benghazi embassy disaster that saw Ambassador Chris Stevens murdered by Libyan members of the Muslim Brotherhood Islamists.  These have been smoothed over by liberal media lapdogs like Stephanopoulos.

Stephanopoulos donates $75,000 to Clintons

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2 Responses to Proving the liberal media are corrupt Democrat lapdogs

  1. dustyk103 says:

    A reader challenged the “claim” that George Stephanopoulos invented the Republican War on Women to deny women contraceptives. My response was that it is impossible to prove something that doesn’t exist (a scientific negative), without providing every word ever said by every Republican. Instead, I demanded that he prove it is true by providing the evidence of any Republican who ever said he or she wanted to take away birth control or, failing that, prove that he is not stupid.


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