Charging racism in murder of Moslems, Obama speaks stupidly

Obama on ISIL - KHAS11

The ten reasons Obama is a lying jackass

Once again the president is inserting himself into a local crime using it to create racial division and strife where none should exist.  Saying that the murder of three students in North Carolina in an argument over a parking space is racism puts Obama’s stupidity, bigotry, and callous leftist lack of morality on full display.  This has become the third, fourth, fifth time he is taking a position based on his ignorance of the facts, his prejudicial hatred of white people, and his antipathy to the law.  Cambridge police, George Zimmerman, and Officer Darren Wilson have all been victims of Obama’s and the Left’s bigotry.

  • First of all – ALL of the people involved in the shooting in CHAPEL HILL WERE WHITE!!!  THERE IS NO RACISM INVOLVED PRESIDENT DUMBASS!!!!
  • Secondly, and equally obvious, being Moslem doesn’t not make someone a different RACE any more than being Hispanic does!  They are a religion and a culture.  Denying Moslems who want to impose Sharia Law on Americans in not racism!  Denying Mexican illegals who want to take American jobs without paying taxes is not racism!
  • Thirdly, initial reports all say that this shooter was mentally disturbed, just like the Gabby Giffords and Aurora Colorado shooters whom idiot Democrats immediately pinned on the TEA Party!
  • Fourth, claiming that the TEA Party is ginning up hatred for Moslems by reporting on the Jihad going on in the Middle East wherein tens of thousands of people are being murdered is F***ING INSANE!!!!
  • Fifth, saying that people being taught the history of Islam is creating Islamophobia when there have been tens of millions of people murdered and enslaved in accordance with the teachings of Mohammad is also F***ING INSANE!!!!  It is not an irrational fear when people are actually trying to kill you and praying for you to die!!!
  • Six, white people shooting criminals who are black does NOT MAKE THEM RACIST, IT MAKES THEM RIGHT!  Why do you believe criminals have a right to commit crimes with impunity?
  • Seven, Michael Brown was an unarmed black teenager gunned down by racist cops while he had his hands up begging not to be shot according to some black witnesses with criminal records and sympathies.  Evidence and witness testimony by honest blacks proves that to be a lie, but Democrats have made it their national campaign that police target and murder black boys.
  • Eight, America is a nation of racist white people who reserve privilege for themselves.  Black youths in America are encouraged by Democrats to drop out of school, get pregnant, have abortions, do drugs, commit crimes, and refuse to become educated and get a job to earn an honest living.  White privilege is law-abiding citizens who go to school and get jobs, which is what honest black kids have done and they don’t live in poverty anymore.
  • Nine, Christians deny gay’s rights, when they only deny marriage rites in church, but that hasn’t stopped anti-Christians from a campaign of condemnation.  These same people welcome Islam, which executes gays.  But atheists and Islamists will ally against Christians like Communists and Nazis allied against Europe until they inevitably went at each other’s throat.
  • Ten, Republicans want to deny women birth control.  This lie has become another Democrat national campaign despite the fact that no Republican has ever said anything of the sort.
  • Bonus, Obama says the greatest threat to the world is not the rise of Islamo-nazi fascist Jihadis murdering tens of thousands to build up a new Caliphate (which is like Germans rebuilding the Reich). He says it is global warming, the scam to tax away American wealth from dupes who will believe that CO2, a heavier than air gas, rises into the stratosphere to form a “greenhouse bubble” around the Earth to cook it.

Liberals have no intelligence and no knowledge of anything of substance, only simplistic, naïve, gullibility to believe whatever they are told without proof or any evidence whatsoever.  They believe the people who create businesses are stealing from them and that government can make their lives better by stealing from them.

Democrats are the people who are fooled all of the time by a man and a party that takes their lack of ability to think for granted.  Obama is a pretender who they elevated to great power.  I have only one thing to say to him;

Mr. President, you are a jackass, a dumbass, and an asshole.  If you think that makes me racist, then you can kiss my white ass!

In Texas we have a saying,

“Don’t piss on my boots and tell me it’s raining.”

Police investigating possible hate crime of Moslem

students shot in Chapel Hill

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