Gitmo should be erecting gallows, not closing

Hanging pirates

In the 18th the British navy hanged all pirates upon capture without trial.  They did this because the terrors of the seas had become a danger to all travelers whom they were murdering, raping, and looting, torturing many to death.  Jihadis, acting on the teachings of Mohammad do the same to infidels and Moslems who will not join them in committing atrocities against the innocent.  There is only one solution to people who are animals.

Obama’s National Prayer Breakfast speech was not one of condemning the Jihad, but of making moral equivalents condemning Christianity.  While ISIS is burning and beheading hostages, Obama is releasing terrorists from Guantanamo Bay back into the fight.  The United States should not be listening to Democrats who want to close Gitmo and declare the War on Terror over.  We should be building gallows for every terrorist we capture for use when we are done interrogating them.

These are not the kind of people who can be reasoned with or reach a compromise.  They are vicious, rabid animals that must be destroyed.  Any that gets into society will only corrupt those around them and continue their evil while evading the police.  The teachings of Mohammad are at the root of the Jihad and that , too, must be crushed to stop this evil that has plagued civilization for fourteen centuries.  Islam has no place in the civilized world, and those who promote it must be annihilated the same as any other pagan or Satanic death cult.

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