Black agitators in Ferguson create protest in order to loot and pillage

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Black agitators descend on Ferguson to riot and loot on the bogus charge of racism against a police officer who shot an unarmed black teen.  In this Trayvon Martin rerun, race baiters portray him as a sweet little boy, but a surveillance video shows him to be a large, brawny, aggressive teen caught shoplifting and threatening the clerk.  The officer’s report says when Brown was stopped he attempted to wrestle the officer’s gun away.  Contrary to protester claims he was assassinated, shot in the back while on his knees with his hands in the air surrendering, autopsy proves all shots came from the front.  None of the protesters give a damn about the hundreds of black teens being killed on the streets of Chicago and New York every year.

Obama actually spoke about the riots in Ferguson, Mo., without inflaming them further.  He did, however, take the time to condemn police action against rioters and looters saying it’s not right to attack “peaceful protesters.”  Nowhere do black agitators show up to conduct “peaceful protests.”  Police investigation of those destroying the neighborhood being arrested for looting, throwing rocks, bottles, and Molotov cocktails, and shooting at police, reveals that most all of them have criminal records and are not from the Ferguson area.

Community agitators of Obamasites have flocked to Ferguson to take advantage of yet another bogus claim of police racism in the shooting death of Michael Brown.  Brown was detained by a policeman following shoplifting at a nearby convenience store and threatening the cashier.  Claims that he was a sweet little boy who would never do anything violent fall flat just as the claims did about Trayvon Martin .  Watching Brown on the store video makes it easy to picture him attempting to wrestle a gun from a policeman who was forced to shoot him in self-defense.  The autopsy directly contradicts protesters claim that he was shot in the back while on his knees with his hands up, but all shots hit him from the front as the officer reported.

Looters, rioters, and agitators raping Ferguson in the name of racism

Michael Brown stealing from a convenience store that led to shooting

Any claim these people believe they had to charging police with racism for shooting an unarmed black teenager is proven here to be a bogus excuse to loot, pillage, and burn.  As a tan American, this reporter is disgusted with all the people of the entire country for their bogus racism charges against decent citizens and the police.  It serves no purpose to create a fictional murder by someone who is defending themselves except to push forward the equally fictional agenda that white people are all racists.

Criminals have no excuse, regardless of color, and the black cry of “no justice, no peace” flies back in their faces as the race responsible for twenty times more crimes than any other race.  Criminals get the justice they deserve, and this fictional “gentle giant” was nothing less than a big thug.  The “witness” statements that he was executed while surrendering is just the liar on the street trying to gin up more bogus racism.

Asians have as much cause to cry racism in America as they, but are a hundred times more likely to work hard at a job and not engage in crime.  The Democrat media is dedicating itself to filming police attacking rioters and not rioters attacking police.  Liberal propaganda has once again created a violent issue where none should exist in order to create chaos in America.

Seven sacred things Democrats believe

Seeing is believing, but you have to pay attention!

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2 Responses to Black agitators in Ferguson create protest in order to loot and pillage

  1. mochamadness says:

    Ever since I was 16-17 years old and saw Jesse, Al, and other (so-called) leaders on television making speeches, it seemed to me that they were greatly in need for attention and the spotlight. Now that I’ve read some information about them online, I understand why. Most of these black agitators were raised in dysfunctional by unfit parents and around other blacks who weren’t wrapped too tight.

    Jesse’s the product of a rape. An older black male neighbor raped Jesse’s mom when she was sixteen. Instead of getting an abortion or putting the baby up for adoption, she decided to keep Jesse. At some point, Jesse found out about it and was effected by it. Years later, Jesse’s mom married a man and he gave Jesse his last name–Jackson. Jesse’s mom had at least one other son named Noah.

    When Jesse and Noah were young adults (not sure what age), they began associating with Chicago’s Gangster Disciples. There’s a picture of Jesse and Noah posing in a picture with the leader Jeff Forte sitting in the middle. Its not known how deep got into the gang, but Noah became a drug dealing gang banger. He was a millionaire when authorities arrested him for murder, murder-for-hire, drug trafficking, etc. Jesse requested a pardon for Noah, but President Clinton denied it.

    Jesse’s own son (and daughter-in-law) was convicted for stealing campaign funds totalling $750,000. I guess Jesse Jr. was influenced by his daddy’s book, It’s All About The Money. Anyway, it was reported that Jesse Jr. purchased a Rolex watch ($43,000), children’s bedroom furniture ($9000), Michael Jackson memoriablia ($22,000). During his sentencing, it was claimed that Jesse Jr. suffered from bipolar. Yeah, right.

    You can goggle MLK, Jesse, Al, and other so-called leaders and find out information that’s never been taught in schools/colleges, discussed on news programs, nor mentioned in regular conversations. Not on a constant basis anyway. But these so-called leaders have been blaming


  2. mochamadness says:

    whites for racism and slavery fot the many problems blacks bring on themselves.


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