The Sucker Generation – Millenials not waking up to being duped

Head up butt

Encephaloproctosis – the condition of having one’s head so far up one’s rectum that one not only fails to see the light of truth, but can’t even hear it being shouted.

In every scandal Obama is ‘shocked, shocked, I tell you!’  And he’s mad, mad as hell that these atrocities are taking place and then Republicans who are responsible for them make partisan attacks on his godly administration.  Having campaigned that he would fix these issues in 2008, Obama is always ‘surprised’ when these scandals come to light and he “learns about them on the news.”

Obama just found out about (insert scandal here) and he’s really mad

The Millenial Generation would more rightly be called the Sucker Generation as they not only elected a man who, quite the opposite of being a “new kind of politician,” is nothing more than the oldest kind of demagogue, panderer, and pretender.  The Ignorant Generation not only elected a man of no qualifications because they liked his charismatic speaking, they re-elected him believing his blame Republicans game for not improving the economy that all of his policies have torn to shreds.  America’s young fools not only have lack the first clue about how business works, they don’t have the first clue of how charlatans operate and have stayed in line to buy more snake oil.

What do you say to people who get their information from Bill Maher, Stephen Colbert, and Jon Stewart and believe these men speak intelligently?  They are told to not listen to those who tell the truth, FOX News, Rush Limbaugh, and any conservative, especially Christians, and then do as they are told.  Critical thinking is not being taught in schools anymore, to examine all sides of an issue, to observe what people do as well as listen to what they say, and to be responsible for themselves.  Instead, children are learning to grow up to be children and have government replace mommy and daddy to provide for them while they lead useless lives.

College, they are told, the place where 20% of the population used to go for higher learning in difficult professions, should be free for all.  Every program that Democrats have promised to provide for the people has always resulted in two things; prices skyrocket and Democrats suck in more taxes.  Ignorance is not bliss; it is the vehicle of good intentions on the road to Hell.

Socialism and capitalism are complete opposites in that socialism is government taking money from people, while capitalism is the people competing for customers.  If a capitalist company operates badly it goes out of business, and if it kills people, the people who run it go to jail.  When government operates badly they take and spend more money on it, and when people die they are shocked and get mad and continue with their same policies and cover it up.

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5 Responses to The Sucker Generation – Millenials not waking up to being duped

  1. Jacquelyn Harper says:

    I am a 30 year old millennial and I did not vote for Obama! I also grew up in Boston, in blue New England. I am proud to be a Conservative, Republican. I live among idiots in MA which is the most liberal state in the country:( I love this article. Its the truth!


  2. atlanticcus says:

    I am not any Liberal neither Conservative but you are somehow exaggerating in your article. I’d rather say that Capitalism and Communism are almost the same. Both are based on elitism, exploitation, propaganda based on unnatural men created values that have very little to do with reality, human/animal rights abuses, lack of ethics, waste and pollution. Capitalism has absolutely no moral ground whatsoever and has very little to do with Democracy. Capital-ISM is purely based on material values and material perception of reality.


    • blackirish says:

      You could not be more wrong in your attempts to use moral equivalence comparing capitalism and communism. As a budding entrepreneur, I am bringing my vision to reality. There is no shame in making money by providing a product or service that is in demand. Communist, socialist and fascist systems deny individual opportunity and suppress the human spirit by denying choices.


      • dustyk103 says:

        I can’t figure out what you believe I am wrong about, blackirish, when you assert exactly what I am asserting at the end of your comment. ??? There is no moral equivalence between capitalism and communism. Capitalism is righteous work and trade which must beware of the greedy and corrupt, communism is corruption taking control.


      • atlanticcus says:

        You have no idea what you are saying. And you dont even understand the meaning of things in general.


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