Thank the Democrats for saving the planet

Last night, courageous, undaunted, and indomitable Democrat heroes are sacrificing their very bodies to stand up on Capitol Hill to filibuster Republican legislation that would destroy all life on planet Earth!  These holy warriors and champions of the people are blocking all attempts by the evil empire of business opportunists from opening new avenues to produce fossil fuels that mankind has been using to cause global warming.  The flat-earthers who deny the true science in favor of their fantasy god would rather make a profit by eliminating the EPA, which would kill all of humanity with dirty air and dirty water, rather than live in peace and harmony with our Mother Earth – Gaia.

Dastardly evil Republican deniers deny everything!  They deny that Democrats are filibustering because they control the Senate and can block any legislation by a simple vote.  They deny there is any Republican legislation to open oil drilling, coal mining, or natural gas production that our noble president has shut down.  And they deny there is any proof that fossil fuels are doing any damage to the climate just as they deny that global warming is even happening at all!

To those of you who continue to do the godly work of our divine president, he blesses you and calls on you to keep those votes coming!  Vote early, vote often, and vote multiple times for your messianic president and his saintly ordained policies, and keep those dollars coming!  Community agitators need more jobs running the government to take as much money from greedy businessmen as they can get.


[Dan Granlund’s cartoon exhibits how prehistoric man with his mastodon flatulence caused global warming to end the Ice Age.  Now people must fear cow farts are going to make Earth a desert, but Democrats will save them!]

This ad paid for by:

Democrats for
Manipulation of
Bureaucrats to

Democrats hold talk-a-thon for climate change

Only half of Senate Democrats join talk-a-thon for climate change awareness

BOOM!  Green peace founder confesses climate change fraud

The truth behind the talk-a-thon is Democrat donors who need the global warming scam to be perpetuated in order for these people to continue to prosper by defrauding the public.  If Democrats didn’t redouble their efforts then these campaign supporters would stop benefitting from tax dollars awarded them by Democrats, and they in turn would stop financing Democrat candidates.  It’s all a part of the game of corrupt politics and having a candidate in their back pocket who will give them tax breaks and tax subsidies for their green energy front.  These people need the EPA to squash their competition so they can peddle their substandard wares to the public.

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