MSNBC Moslem spews filth of leftist decadent culture

Al’Jazeera ratings have been dropping like a rock since buying Al Gore’s TV station.  But at MSNBC, Islamists are well represented.  On Friday, Nov 16, the host of one of their shows featured a segment about Gov. Sarah Palin making remarks that the federal debt was going to make America taxpayers debt slaves, something of which the Founders warned.  MSNBC’s Martin Bashir quoted his scripted remarks with a supposed story of a Jamaican plantation owner that had slaves defecate in the mouth of one who committed a crime.  Bashir said this should be done to Gov. Palin repeating the warning of the Founders.

MSNBC Islamist spews leftist filth

This isn’t Iran or Saudi Arabia where such vile and disgusting comments about women are accepted as just remarks, especially against someone who is speaking the truth!  After a weekend of silence on the part of the Democrat media, Bashir was forced to offer an apology.  Still, even Alec Baldwin was suspended on MSNBC for uttering a gay slur.

MSNBC is rank with the stench of their smut, lies, and slanders of conservatives.  Their bile against Christians and the Right has become legendary to the point that their ratings have been in the toilet for years.  Is it any wonder when what comes out of their mouths belongs in the toilet?

The radical left’s favorite channel spends all their time misinforming the ignorant liberal, while brainwashing them from learning the truth from FOX News where they can hear their illogical and immoral values and beliefs from leftist commentators at that network.  The foolish are warned never to listen to FOX for fear they may learn the truth and begin to see the error of their ways, though the few intelligent and moral ones will eventually do so and come to see the light.  But for many, the darkness offered at MSNBC will keep them entrenched as deeply as Obamaism keeps Democrats voting for their own destruction.

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